Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to The Zipper Club

Well - here it is, …membership qualification for the 'Zipper Club'. One long scar and an array of holes where the surgical drains stayed after I was closed up.

It isn't really all that painful. I'm on mild off-the-shelf painkillers and my sprained ankle is more annoyingly sore. I confess that holding my shoulders back to disguise my man-boobs was kind of uncomfortable, but vanity must be served even in the most trying of circumstances.


  1. Great name!! Love it. I just became a member of the Zipper Club in October. As you, it really wasen't overly painful but very stressful.

    Had a great surgeon who gave me a new mechanical valve and aortic root. Took about 6hrs. and a total of 13 days (before & after) but worth every bit of it!!

    I now have a new lease on life!!!!

  2. Hey David
    Just joined the Zipper Club on Jan12,2011.
    Procedure went well and now starting rehab.The landscape has definitely changed.I now have different views on life, friends and family.

  3. Sorry about the super slow reply gentlemen...
    I wonder how your recovery went?
    I hope this finds you well.